Meet the Squad

We have a gorgeous bunch of makers this season! Lead by designer Ellie Whittaker, these girls have brought their A-game! Since this season is heavily influenced by the Australian scenery we sat down to reflect upon where our makers live and what they love about it..

"I’m Ellie! 👋🏻 I draw all the things and run all the stuffs ☺️ I live on the sunny Gold Coast and Girt Squad is my little experiment to prove that 1) small biz ladies can do BIG things working together 2) there is space in the market for incredibly made, ethically made, Aussie goods 3) that location is no longer an impediment but our STRENGTH. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! 😎 The 14 Ladies we’re about to introduce are busy bees creating on-trend, top notch goods that you’re going to LOVE. 🐝 💛 

 I live in country victoria, and hand make soaps and other beauty products. I started making and creating at a very young age, I made gifts for friends and family members, I just love to make something and see the persons face light up when they see it.

I live on the NSW south coast in a quiet rural village that is super close to main towns and the beach so its the best of both worlds. There has been a lot more people getting involved in local markets and the handmade scene over the last few years its really exciting to see. I started sewing and making things when my first born was 3 months old and needed something to do. I haven't looked back!

"I live up on beautiful Tamborine Mountian, the Gold Coast hinterland. The mountain is know to be the home of many artist and art galleries, tucked away in amongst the rainforest. I love my handmade tunics, they are made from vintage fabric and I add hand embroidered doilie. I started creating after my middle boy passed away from cancer, sorry it's a sad, but since then I have filled my world with rainbows and magic with creating my little girls pinny dresses. dream a little is my rainbow after the storm."


I live at the foot of the Dandenong Ranges in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, but I DREAM of moving closer to the beach. The hills have their perks though... beautiful rosellas, cockatoos and kookaburras in our back yard; beautiful walks through ferny forrests; and lots of handmade markets to visit. I love handmade, colourful, ethically made clothes, jewellery and homewares and just can not pick a favourite. I’m surrounded by art. I started making clothes as a project while on maternity leave and never looked back. I’ve always loved making and creating and Fussy Gus has been a fabulous opportunity to embrace this and to meet like minded creatives. 


I live in sunny, laid back Brisbane, and I love celebrating where I am and where I'm from in what I make! Brisbane has a thriving and growing community of artists makers and artisans, and I think we're just starting to come into our own! I absolutely love big statement dangle earrings with a bit of quirk, and dressing up an outfit with a fabulous pair of shoes. My motto is too much colour is never enough, haha! I started designing and making for my children and friends, and took my penchant for picking out the quirkiest fabrics and the happiest colour combinations and turned it into a thriving designer clothing line, sourcing many of my designs, inspiration and materials from right here in Oz.

"I am lucky enough to live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, where the salty air and long summe is the natural habitat of laid back artists and makers. I started sewing when I was given my first machine for my fourteenth birthday. I stopped not long after because it was very uncool. Having babies and moving on from dial up internet prompted me to start again around ten years later and I haven’t stopped since. I started with kids clothes and then moved on to dresses and skirts for myself and after a bit of peer pressure from my friends, I started sewing for other women. It's become my jam, I love it. I have a passion for prints, especially if they're Australian themed or animal related. My current favourite accessories are my snake earrings by Sydney based artist, Kirbee Lawler. I love them like my children."

My fam bam and I live in Toowoomba, oops I mean Townsville, darn it! We live in Adelaide!!! Yep, we have moved 3 times in 6 months and it's all been a bit of a blur. Living in different parts of our amazing country has inspired me beyond belief!!! Everywhere I go, I am jotting down designs and kick ass colourways. Living on the doorstep of one of Australia's most beautiful beaches, is a dream come true! My favourite part of the day is heading to the shoreline with a coffee in hand, sitting on the rocks, inhaling the ocean breeze and getting lost in the peacefulness of our surroundings. It's calming, incredibly soothing and darn inspiring!!!! As our business continues to expand and as we head onto the next milestone, we are always grateful for the amazing friendships we establish along the way. Girt Squad is one big supportive family! As creatives from all around the country, we come together to bring you an abundance of unique, original and highly sort after designs. That within itself is inspiring!” 

I live on the beautiful Gold Coast. It's a place where you can enjoy some of the most iconic beaches in the world as well as amazing bushland in one of our national parks. Our scenery (and the beautiful weather) has been a huge factor in drawing people to the Gold Coast - many of them creatives who take there inspiration from our diverse scenery. In the 20 + years that I've lived here I've seen the maker/art scene grow from little beach side markets held once a week to a thriving creative community. Creative hubs and collaborative spaces have popped up in places like Burleigh, Miami and Surfers. We now have a dedicated "Home of the Arts" at Bundall and you can find markets from the beach to the hinterland showcasing the talents of local makers and artists. Many of these local creatives have opened their own stores and are known brands Australia wide.

"I live on the sunny Gold Coast! I love that I’m surrounded by the ocean on one side and stunning rainforests on the other. For as long as I can remember I have loved ALL things design! Since meeting my hubby I've been obsessed with creating a house that we love coming home to. Add two kiddies to the mix and this evolved into a LOVE for kid's interiors. With a background of graphic design and printing combined with my love for interiors, wall decals were the perfect fit. This season I’m bringing some fun stationery to the mix and I hope they’re as well-received as my decals!"

So privileged to live in Melbourne, a vibrant city, with a thriving maker and arts scene. Our bustling markets, diverse culture and renowned street art are testament to Melbourne’s unique creativity and character. Hard to pick a favourite statement piece. Refurbished singer sewing machine stand with a marble top, owns a corner of my heart. Designer clothing and accessories that I’ve collected from travels around the world, all scream statement piece. But, my fav would be my first ownsit! Jacket ever made. She has so much sentimental value. I’ve always been creative. Fashion was a bit of a pipe dream for me and when the opportunity came up later in like to create my own brand, I jumped on it. My creative cup is constantly overflowing now.

"Hello! My name is Shannon and I live on the Mornington peninsula in Victoria, which has a great community and support for local and handmade businesses. There are so many small cafes and shops popping up and there is a handmade market on almost every weekend! My favourite statement piece of clothing or jewellery changes all the time! I am obsessed with colour and big and bold prints so if I had to choose it would either be my 'Bubble o bill' top designed by Ellie Whittaker ;) or my cactus 'Tickled with prickles' dress! I started designing and making women's clothing because I have an absolute passion for it! I love sewing and creating and my creative mind never stops and it is flippin amazing to see others wearing your creations! "

I live in Port Macquarie, on the NSW Mid-North Coast! Its a small coastal town, and you may have visited here as a kid if you remember going to Fantast Glades or Peppermint Park! I currently LOVE statement slogan tees, TOPKNOTS (of course!) and a pair of comfy jeans! My go-to! I started making Headbands in 2014, as I had a newborn baby girl and I wanted some fun-yet-practical accessories for us to wear!

I am Nicole. Ma to Felix. Partner to Jason. Creative behind Zilvi. A burning desire to spend my time crafting led me to design my first collection in July of 2014 using only the tools from our shed. Nestled on a mountain in the Noosa Hinterland, I bring you wares from my home studio in Queensland, Australia. Each item designed, cut, hand painted and packaged by me.

I live in Western Sydney (Penrith), right at the foot of the Blue Mountains. My favourite statement is "Be your own kind of fabulous"! I began making my own garments after getting so frustrated dealing with manufacturers to print my own designs so I decided to just do it my self. I taught myself how to sew and after many learns I launched my first garment in kids' apparel last year and I am now am doing adults.