Facial Clay Mask - by Bubble Lane Soap

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TALIA is a lover of all things bright, colourful and a little quirky. And most of all hand crafted with natural and organic ingredients. Small batch runs, and lots of care and attention to detail. Beautiful natural products that will make you feel amazing.

Hand crafted clay facial masks. You have 3 amazing masks to choose from. Each wonderful for different skin. Hand ground and filled with organic herbs, flowers and clays. Each jar of clay comes with a little bamboo spoon. 

Calm - Made with all natural ingredients. Suitable for dry and sensitive skin, it pulls out the toxins from your pores while softening your skin. (Ingredients: Australian Rose Clay, Kaolin clay, Rosehip, hibiscus and marshmallow root.)

Restore - Made with all natural ingredients. Activated charcoal acts like a dirt magnet to draw out any toxins or impurities in your skin. Leaving it gorgeous and clean. (Ingredients: Activated Charcoal, Bentonite Clay, Sandalwood, Gotu Kola, Zeolite Clay, St Johns Wort and elderflower.)

Energy - Made with all natural ingredients. Tumeric is great to help combat acne scars and inflammation. Will lighten your skin and give you a fabulous glow. (ingredients: Tumeric, Bentonite Clay, Siberian Genseng and Comfrey root.)

About mask:
Each mask comes with a bamboo spoon to scoop clay out into a little container. Mix with water, a little yoghurt, milk, or facial oil. 

Care instructions:
All ingredients have been lovingly created for sensitive skin, but should irritation occur please discontinue use. 


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